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JackPoker Spring Quests 2023 - Your Ultimate Guide to Winning Big

11 May 2023
Phil Lowe 11 May 2023
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  • JackPoker is the home of exclusive promotions
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  • May 2023 Jack Spring Quests
  • Cash Game Quests Rewards
  • Tournament Quests Rewards
  • Casino Quests Rewards
  • Total Rewards is the poker player's paradise! This online poker site has always prioritized its players, providing lucrative promotions and continually improving its platform.

With a promise to match every chip purchased, JackPoker is redefining the poker scene. The latest offer, Jack Spring Quests, aims to provide immense value to its players, with the potential for thousands in rewards per player!

May 2023 Jack Spring Quests

Running until May 31, 2023, the Jack Spring Quests offer ample time for poker enthusiasts to engage and complete the quests. The promotion is divided into three categories: cash games, tournaments and casino games. Each has three levels of complexity: easy, medium and hard. Players can earn rewards for each completed quest, tier and category. A special reward awaits those who complete all three categories.

The quests are open to all registered players. If you are yet to join, use the Jack Poker promo code NEWBONUS when opening an account to get the best available welcome bonus.

The NEWBONUS code allows new players to get up to $1000 bonus when registering and making a deposit.

Once you have registered and downloaded the JackPoker software, click the Quests button in he lobby navigation bar to enter a quest.

Cash Game Quests Rewards

Rewards are divided into three tiers: easy, medium and hard. Completing all of the easy cash game quests will boost your JackPoker account by $30.

The medium quests will give you a $98 boost, while if you play all of the hard cash game quests you can earn $400.

If you complete all quests across all three tiers you will secure a spot in a $30,000 guaranteed Flip Out tournament!

Reward per Challenge
Reward for Tier Completion

Tournament Quests Rewards

The Jack Spring Quests at also extend to multi-table tournament players. Completing each easy quest earns you $16, and completing the entire tier will earn you an additional $20.

The medium quests offer $90 per task and an extra $80 for completing the tier.

The hard quests provide $230 per quest and an extra $160 for completing all of them.

Complete all three tiers and earn a free ticket to a $20,000 guaranteed event!

Reward per Challenge
Reward for Tier Completion

Casino Quests Rewards

Casino players can also win up to 2,040 free spins by completing all three tiers of the casino quests.

Completing the easy, medium and hard tiers earns you 120, 300, and 1,020 free spins respectively.

If you complete all three tiers, JackPoker will grant you an additional 1,020 free spins!

Reward per Challenge
Reward for Tier Completion
Easy20 free spins60 free spins
Medium40 free spins180 free spins
Hard100 free spins300 free spins

Total Rewards

Complete all three tiers across all three categories to receive:

  • $1,124 cash
  • 2,040 free spins
  • A free ticket to a $30,000 Flip Out tournament
  • A free ticket to a $20,000 guaranteed tournament
  • Access to a special invitation-only event

Jack-Poker is home to a number of exclusive tournaments and promotions, with big money to be won every week.

Players have until May 31 to get involved with the Jack Spring Quests. If you are yet to register, don't forget to use the Referral / Promo Code NEWBONUS when signing up!