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Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with JackPoker's Chinese New Year Quests

19 Jan 2024
Site Editor 19 Jan 2024
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  • JackPoker introduces Chinese New Year-themed quests across cash games, tournaments, and casino sections.
  • Quests are divided into different levels of difficulty with corresponding rewards, including cash and free spins.
  • Promotion aims to increase player engagement and keep the online poker ecosystem vibrant and exciting.
JackPoker introduces an exciting way to celebrate the Chinese New Year with its special themed quests.

Embracing the spirit of the Year of the Dragon, these quests offer a unique blend of challenges and rewards across various game types. The Jackpoker event is designed to cater to a diverse range of players, ensuring everyone can participate in the festivities.

Quests Across Different Game Types

The Chinese New Year Quests at JackPoker are divided across three main categories: cash games, tournaments, and the casino section.

Each category has three levels of difficulty – easy, medium, and hard – with corresponding rewards. In cash games, players can earn up to $240 in rewards, making it an attractive option for regular players.

Tournament enthusiasts have the opportunity to win tickets worth as much as $210. For those who prefer casino games, up to 600 free spins are up for grabs.

Reward Structure and Participation

The reward structure of these quests is designed to encourage participation at all levels. Easy challenges offer accessible goals for casual players, while the hard challenges are tailored for more experienced players seeking bigger rewards. Participation in these quests is straightforward, with no additional entry fees, allowing players to simply enjoy their regular games while earning extra rewards.

Impact on the Poker Community

The introduction of the Chinese New Year Quests by JackPoker is expected to have a positive impact on the online poker community. It not only adds an element of excitement to the gaming experience but also enhances player engagement.