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JackPoker launches new Cash Game leaderboard with $100,000 prize pool

20 Mar 2024
Conrad Castleton 20 Mar 2024
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  • Gift from the Poker Gods: Cash Game Leaderboard is now live on JackPoker
  • $100,000 prize pot available from March 25-April 14 has launched a new Cash Game leaderboard, giving you the chance to win a share of a six-figure prize pot.

From March 25 through April 14, there is a $100,000 prize pool available with JackPoker's new 'Gift from the Poker Gods' cash game leaderboard.

Throughout this three-week promotion, if you lose after calling with a hand, you will earn points for the leaderboard.

You will be awarded one point for a call or bet, and two points if you lose with an all-in. 

The leaderboard consists of three different rounds, each lasting for seven days. Each individual round comes with a $15,000 prize pool, while the overall leaderboard is worth an additional $55,000. In total, $100,000 will be won between March 25 and April 14!

The leaderboard prize payout distribution is as follows:

  • 1st place - 20% of the total prize pot
  • 2nd place - 15%
  • 3rd place - 15%
  • 4th place - 10%
  • 5th place - 10%
  • 6th place - 10%
  • 7th place - 5%
  • 8th place - 5%
  • 9th place - 5%
  • 10th place - 5%

Please note that rewards consist of Instacash and will be credited to the accounts of winning players at the end of the seven-day iteration. The leaderboard for each new iteration will then be updated on the payout day.

All registered players can enter the leaderboard.

If you are yet to register, use the Jack Poker promo code NEWBONUS when joining the poker room to get the biggest available welcome bonus.

The NEWBONUS code gets new poker players the biggest available welcome bonus when registering a new account, and new players can get up to $3000 instant bonus as part of a Welcome Lootbox.

Players will receive the lootbox when making their first deposit on the official JackPoker website and are guaranteed to get at least 25% rakeback when making a first deposit. In addition, you may also find any of the following in your box:

  • 1000% Instacash bonus.
  • $500 Bonus Bonanza Ticket
  • 300 free spins

It is very easy to get your hands on a lootbox. As soon as you have registered on the official JackPoker website, you are given the chance to play the Welcome Lootbox Minigame. In this minigame, your aim is to find the Jacks. Once you have done this, simply make your qualifying deposit and you will receive your rewards!